December 2022

December 2022

As the holiday season quickly approaches, many of us are looking for new drinks to enjoy this Christmas.

Our new range of low-calorie and low-sugar alcoholic and non-alcoholic flavoured sparkling waters are a great alternative to traditional drinks and can be perfect for a festive party, or a casual get-together. They even make a great stocking filler!

Both of our sparkling waters & hard seltzers come in a variety of unique flavours, such as Pear & Thyme, and Raspberry & Lemon, making them great choices for people who love to discover new drinks and new flavours. Our alcoholic seltzers are excited with a splash of vodka which makes them a wonderful option for anyone looking to enjoy a few drinks without that heavy, stodgy feeling that often comes with traditional alcoholic drinks.

So, give our range a try this December or treat someone to a new, exciting drink that is unlike any other!

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