Low Calorie. Low Sugar. No Sweetener. Vegan Friendly. Gluten-Free.

deap-ly refreshing, fruity, alcoholic and non alcoholic sparkling waters & hard seltzers made in Suffolk with British Spring Water.

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deap Hard Seltzers & Sparkling Waters

Discover Flavour & Refreshment like no other

  • Sparkling Waters

    We delicately infuse our exceptionally pure, natural spring water from Suffolk with unique combinations of fresh fruit and carbonate them to create a range of beautifully sparkling, refreshing waters with natural fruitiness.

    Low Sugar

    8 Calories

    0.0% ABV

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  • Hard Seltzers

    We excite our range of natural sparkling waters by splashing them with a dash of premium vodka to create a crisp, refreshing, deliciously flavoured, alcoholic seltzer with that deap flavour and fruitiness you love.

    Vegan Friendly

    96 Calories

    4.0% ABV

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  • Made from the finest and purest Suffolk spring water. Discovered by us.

  • We work with real, often-wonky, always-tasty, delicious fruit.

  • Carbonated & flavoured naturally with low sugars and calories.

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